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The 13th edition of this hacker gathering in Las Vegas has come and gone, and as usual, was not at all a dissapointment. All kinds of happenings took place this year in true Defcon style. One definitely needs to mention how the owners of the Alexis Park were arrested by ATF agents on Friday night for selling cigarrettes with no tax stamps and without a permit. Dark Tangent having to deal with the court order brought upon DC and Blackhat by Cisco about the latest issues with Cisco IOS, and of course, we must not leave out the events that take place every year at DC. This year there were numerous events added ( which made us have to wait that much longer for the CTF results then last year. You think we can maybe switch up the order for next year guys? Almost 2 hours is a tad much. ) to include an Amateur CTF which was sadly made too difficult for anyone a part of that contest to be able to win this year. Although nice idea as it fuels learning for those new to the practice.

HFX was once again proud to be a part of "School of Root" for the CTF competition. This year the event hosts were Kenshoto as the GHC has since retired from CTF ( Mad props to everyone at Kenshoto for a good game layout on short notice and kick ass recovery time when things went down. ). Wilnix and I were a part of SOR's Defense team and by the end of the contest were able to help get 100% of the services up on the server giving us the highest SLA% of all the teams. Sadly SOR didnt take home the Black Badges this year and missed the win by 19 points, though I have some remarks about how the winning team pulled ahead which can be viewed on the forum shortly and will place a link here. We finished a strong 2nd at 595 points and 3rd place was an individual, not a team at more than 100 points behind, so there was quite a point spread ( actual results are linked to below ).

Feel free to grab some info if you happened to miss out on DC this year or you just didnt get a chance to see everything. In the below DC XIII Downloads area we placed a copy of this years DC Attendee CD ( has all the speaker presentations on it and such ) as well as a copy of the CTF stuff that was distributed to all the teams ( file system image of FreeBSD, scripts, and copies of the rule handouts ).

- Tazinator

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